You want to build a membership or course, but don’t know everything you need and exactly how to make everything work correctly.



The first step in working together is setting up a FREE consultation. This way I can learn more about your business, what your needs are and then recommend a few different options for you.
“Tricia freed me up to focus on the areas I am best at and that no one else can do except me.
Tricia has taken the time to research and know what works best, so it was nice to have her recommendations that I can just implement.   If it wasn’t for Tricia, I wouldn’t have had this all ready in time to sell my course.
Christina Tondevold

Math Consultant, K-5 Math Academy

Clueless about which technology to choose for your membership or course?

Break free from analysis-paralysis!
“Tricia saved me hours of time and aggravation, which is priceless.
I generally try to do everything myself, but there are just some things I don’t know or can’t/don’t want to figure out. I am not fond of technology, so even though I usually *can* figure things out on my own, I really don’t want to take that much time with it.
I really appreciate Tricia’s professionalism, efficiency, communication style, promptness and clear knowledge of the materials to deliver what she promised without any glitches.
Ricki Heller

Author & Natural Nutritionist, RICKIHELLER.COM

How it works.


Request to schedule a call and immediately receive a link to my calendar.  Choose a date/time that works for you. If you’re in a part of the world where the timing doesn’t quite line up, let me know and we’ll find something that works.


Once your session is confirmed, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out before our scheduled call.  This will help me get to know you, your business and the project you are undertaking before our call.  


During our 30-minute session we’ll cover your vision in more detail and what’s important for you and your members.


Lastly, I’ll share several options for you to consider to move your project forward.  Easy peasy!

“Tricia makes the tech easy to understand. My ROI for the Membership Technology Strategy session was 100% – well worth the investment!
Before working with Tricia I had no experience with membership sites other than being a user of courses and memberships. Afterward, I had a much better understanding of what kind of site would do what I wanted and what features I wanted my course to have.
Tricia is very personable and took the time to get to know my project. I wanted to work with her because I had no clue when it came to all the options out there for creating digital products. With Tricia’s help, I felt more encouraged to just start creating my course already!”
Michelle Cornish


Ready to get started?

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