You already have an online course, so why would you need an email list?  Because education consultants can’t depend on learners remembering to come back once the course is over.  

Once a student comes and leaves, how will you get back in touch with them? Without an email list, you might find your online courses sitting empty. Even if you don’t have a website, you still need an email list and it’s easier than you think to build one right now.

Understanding Email Lists

You’re probably on quite a few email lists yourself. Outside of annoying spam, email lists are just what it sounds like – a list of email addresses along with other details such as a name, interests related to your business, email preferences, etc.  What makes them so valuable is people sign up for them (aka “opting in”) and want you to use their email address to share information with them.

Benefits Of Email Lists

The benefits of email lists could easily be a long post all on its own, but consider for a minute that 91% of American adults like receiving promotional emails from businesses/people they’ve signed up for. Plus, emails are 40% more effective than social media for nurturing promotion when used correctly. Just a few of the benefits you’ll discover include:

  • Getting people to come back for new courses by letting them know when you have something new to offer
  • Strengthen relationships with your audience by increasing your know, like and trust factor with them
  • Boost overall course sales by promoting to the people who want to hear from you 
  • Reach people anywhere
  • Send targeted emails to learners based on their behavior, interests or other factors

4 Ways To Build Your Own Email List Today

While having a website with an email sign-up call-to-action is beneficial, you don’t even need a website to build your own email list. A few great ways to get started include:

  1. Sign up for free or low cost email marketing services, such as Drip or MailChimp. These services provide tools to segment lists, view analytics data, schedule emails and fully manage your lists.
  2. Create opt-in landing pages. Some email marketing services like Drip allow you to create opt-in forms where your audience can join your mailing list, even at the free level.  While they’re not fancy, they get the job done.  With paid services like LeadPages, you can create a beautiful landing page with an email opt-in in just minutes. 
  3. Collect email addresses at live events, such as conferences and workshops. Let people know you’re going to be sharing helpful information via email.  You can also gather addresses by offering freebies, such as ebooks, resource lists and other items related to your topic.  PRO TIP: Share a link to the landing page in strategy #2 on the last slide of your presentation.
  4. Add an email sign-up link or opt-in page link to your social media page or bio. You can also offer a freebie to boost sign-ups.

Building an email list isn’t difficult, but it can be budget-friendly and one of the best marketing tools in an education consultant’s toolbox.

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