It’s a highly debated topic among course creators and there isn’t actually a right or wrong answer. Of course, that doesn’t exactly make your decision easier.

Okay, so selling your course before your build it can work, in some cases. In others, it’s best to wait until you’re done. Before you decide, take a look at the pros and cons and the answer should be clearer.

Pro: Get Valuable Feedback

You might think the best part of selling your course before you even start to build it would be to make more money, but in fact, it’s getting valuable feedback. By putting the idea out there, interested learners are eager to let you know what they want and you can bounce ideas off them as you build. 

Con: Damaged Reputation If You’re Late

You all revved up and ready to go, but life happens sometimes. What if you promise a course, already have paying learners and then can’t deliver on time or at all? Despite your best intentions, sometimes the worst happens and it could damage your reputation.

Pro: Ask Questions While Building

If you just have a general idea, selling your course before you build it allows you time to figure out what your learners want and need most. Set up some testers (offer a discount on the final course) and work with them to build your course. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Con: No One Likes To Wait

Do you like to wait? Didn’t think so. Frankly, no one really does. So imagine your learners? They want to learn, not wait. According to LearnDash, it takes 99 hours to create one hour of content, so that’s an awful lot of waiting.

Pro: Build An Eager Audience

Yes, you want to share your knowledge, but you want to profit off that knowledge, right? So pre-selling helps to build an eager audience. When your course does go live, BAM! You already have plenty of learners.

Con: You Might Change The Final Course

So you get halfway through the build, but suddenly change your mind about the course direction. This means going back and making sure everyone who’s signed up already still wants your course. It’s double the work and it might not pay off in the end. 

Final Verdict

Think about what’s best for you. A good approach is to test your idea and work on the build until it’s halfway done and then start selling. It’s the best of both worlds.

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