Try going for just one day without hearing about yet another security breach. It’s frustrating and frankly, downright terrifying.

It’s also something that hinders online activities. Want your online courses to be more successful? Focus as much on online security as the course content. Students may never even realize how much work you put into security, but they’ll appreciate it when their data is kept safe.

Hackers Love Every Website

What could a hacker possibly want with your online course? Maybe they’re just interested in free learning, but odds are, they have a much more nefarious reason in mind. In 2015, Google issued around 17 million warnings to users about potentially dangerous sites (many of which were legitimate, but had security issues).

In 2016, that number jumped to 50 million. Like, whoa! That’s a massive increase and shows that hackers are on the attack more than ever, making online security a bigger priority. Warnings like these turn students away from your courses and obviously, that’s not what you want. Security is vital for keeping your site safe, students safe and of course, making sure Google doesn’t warn everyone away.

New Threats All The Time

So you’ve locked down your course and you’re done, right? Sorry, not quite yet. Online security is a full-time job. It means keeping your site updated and checking for problems regularly. While it’s a long report, this detailed report from Symantec shines a scary light on Internet threats and how they’re constantly changing.

Leave More Time For Learning

The entire purpose of your online course is for students to learn. If you’ve never been the victim of a website breach (which is sadly all too rare), you might not realize how time consuming it is to quickly safeguard your digital identity. While using different passwords for every site is recommended, most of us don’t do that. If your course was to get hacked, your students could spend hours, days or even weeks changing account details on numerous websites.

Of course, it gets even worse. Your students’ payment details are also at risk. This could lead to identity theft. Instead of getting the education they wanted, students get the time consuming task of trying to protect themselves after a security incident.

I want nothing more than for students to have the best educational experience online. I can’t stress enough how important security is to making their experience more enjoyable.

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