Choose Your Membership Technology #likeaboss!

You want to build an online membership or course, but figuring out the technology is hard.

REALLY hard.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you confidently choose your membership tools so you can share your knowledge with the world!

For only $297, I’ll help you figure out which membership technology best fits your needs.

With a Membership Technology Strategy session you’ll…


Talk to An Expert

Finally have your tech questions answered and get a list of tools recommended specifically for your membership site.

Gain Peace of Mind

I help you avoid the frustrations that often come with choosing new technology.  Feel confident that your tech tools will rock your membership.

Stop Wasting Time

Save the hours, days or weeks you could spend comparing and researching tools.  Build your membership with what works best for you…NOW!

Clueless about which technology to choose for your membership?

For only $297, talk to an expert and stop wasting time.
Find out what works for you!
Schedule a session!

Tricia has taken the time to research and know what works best, so it was nice to have her recommendations that I can just implement now.

Christina Tondevold

Math PD Facilitator, Build Math Minds

How it works.


Immediately after completing payment for your session, you’ll receive a questionnaire for you to share your membership goals and dreams – critical information for me to ensure you build your site right…the first time.


After completing your questionnaire, you’ll receive a link to pick a date/time for our chat.  During our session we’ll cover your vision in more detail, identifying which membership model aligns best, the type of content you will include, how the content will be shared with your members, what your plans are for keeping your members engaged, how payment will be collected – essentially, every must-have or nice-to-have feature will be covered!


I’ll deliver your Membership Digital Tools report chocked full of digital tool recommendations for building your membership or course.  The report covers your core tools (the foundation) plus essential and non-essential tools to support your membership and explains what role each plays and how they work together.  

Each recommendation will also include the reasons that make it a good choice for you, plus alternatives you can consider.  Finally, you’ll find an easy-to-read comparison chart of your core tool recommendations comparing features, cost and other important information.

You’ll have everything you need to DIY your membership!  Not keen on DIY?  I’d be honored to partner with you and build your site for you (and will even credit this session fee toward the cost!)  Or you can give your Membership Digital Tools report to a developer and they can get started building your membership right away!

“Before working with Tricia I had no experience with membership sites other than being a user of courses and memberships. Afterward, I had a much better understanding of what kind of site would do what I wanted and what features I wanted my course to have.
Tricia is very personable and took the time to get to know my project. I wanted to work with her because I had no clue when it came to all the options out there for creating digital products. With Tricia’s help, I felt more encouraged to just start creating my course already!
Tricia makes the tech easy to understand. My ROI for the Membership Technology Strategy session was 100% – well worth the investment!”
Michelle Cornish


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