No matter how great your course is, it’s not helping anyone if they don’t know about it. Creating an online course is only half the job. The next is learning how to market an online course.

While there are numerous ways to get the word out, some are tried and true. Of course, adding some personality to your marketing always helps your course stand out from the crowd.

Make A List Of What’s Unique

Before you do anything, compare your course to the competition and determine what’s unique about it. For instance, are your quizzes more extensive? Is there a unique segment with advanced knowledge that other courses don’t offer? This provides a selling point to use in your marketing material.

Focus On Your Course Title

Many online learners will find your course through a search engine. Market an online course simply by focusing on a great keyword centered title. Make sure the purpose of the course is in the title. For instance, this blog post title would work well for a course title. Try these tools to find the best keyword phrase for your title.

Upload Some YouTube Teasers

If you’re new to online courses, show potential students who you are by uploading some quick lessons to YouTube. For instance, a quick intro video lesson is enough to make students want to learn more. Add a link back to your course and you’re set.

Promote On Your Blog/Website

A blog and/or website is vital if you want to market an online course effectively. A landing page with course details and with blog posts that complement the course are great ways to help boost organic traffic (search engines and social media shares) to your site and course.

Guest Blog With A Backlink

Get your online course in front of more eyes by guest blogging on popular websites related to your course. You get to show your expertise on a topic and link to your course at the same time. BuzzStream offers valuable advice to finding guest blog opportunities.

Use An Email List

If you have an email list, announce your online course. You can also link to it in your email signature. You already know people are interested in your emails, so use your list to market to them.

Get Extra Social

Finally, be ready to get extra social. Mention your course on your social media profiles and posts. You can even buy ads if your budget allows.

Looking for more advice about online courses? Schedule a Free Consultation and I’ll help you figure everything out.

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