Trying to manage an online course isn’t easy without the right tools. This is where the LearnDash Learning Management WordPress plugin can help.

It’s designed to transform WordPress sites into powerful learning management systems, giving you more control over your courses, how they’re delivered and course activity in real-time. 

Major universities and Fortune 500 companies have chosen LearnDash as their LMS because of its vast feature set. If you’re offering courses on your own WordPress site, it’s well worth considering.

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What Is LearnDash Exactly?

Before diving into the features, let’s take a look at what LearnDash actually does. It’s a plugin for WordPress sites that’s designed specifically for creating and managing online courses. The plugin includes tools to help you do everything from break down a course into sections to managing subscriptions effectively. Think of it as the technical genius behind your courses.

What Are The Best Features?

Now for what you’re most interested in – the features! The features alone could fill up several blog posts, but LearnDash divides them into four main categories:

  • Courses
  • Monetize (yes, it’s a financial assistant too)
  • Administration
  • Tech

1. Courses – Key Features

This section of features contains everything you need to get your course set up and ready for students. Start by creating multi-tier courses that are broken up however you want them. Create a schedule to drip feed content to students and even create prerequisites so no one gets overwhelmed by coursework they’re not ready for.

Go beyond basic questions with eight different question types for quizzes, set lesson timers and even create and manage forums. Set up rewards for students, manage grades and automatically unlock courses (or sections) as courses are completed. It’s basically all the tools you love with third party platforms, but on your own WordPress site.

2. Monetize

You might want to share your knowledge, but you want to make money too. LearnDash helps you manage this part of online course creation by providing an easy to use shopping cart, subscriptions, memberships, one-time purchases and even course bundles. Offer multiple payment gateways to appeal to all students. You can even start your own Udemy competitor if you want.  

3. Administration

Administrative tasks aren’t always fun, but with LearnDash, they’re much easier. Easily create and manage groups, create user-profiles so students can track their progress, run detailed reports and effectively manage assignments. You can even set your course up so student access is revoked after a set period. Want your students to be more engaged? Take advantage of the email notification system.

4. Tech

While some of this might sound like gibberish, LearnDash has you covered with tech features too. It integrates with any WordPress theme and even works on multi-site installations. It’s also mobile compatible, so students can learn on any device. Plus, it supports all types of media, so you’re never limited. It even works with common course creation tools, such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. If you’re feeling lost, elearning experts are there to help you.

Is It Easy To Learn?

Something this powerful must be hard to learn, right? Nope. Detailed documentation takes you step-by-step through the setup process. LearnDash also has a responsive help desk that you can contact when you have questions or problems. There are videos available to walk you through some of the most commonly used features, so it’s easy for even beginners to quickly learn and use. 

Is It Cost Effective?

Pricing starts at just $159 for a single-site license with full features (except ProPanel). You don’t have to renew annually, but support and updates only last for one year. Renew before your year ends and you get a 50% discount off the next year. For multiple sites, plans start at $189 and include ProPanel, which is an add-on for advanced reporting and management.

What Do My Clients Love Most?

I always love getting feedback from clients and some of the things they love most about LearnDash include:

  • The more detailed reporting in the ProPanel dashboard
  • Ability for continuing education students to download CEC certificates to prove course credit
  • Having a framework that’s easy to upload new content to
  • Dripping content on a specific date or number of days
  • Setting up course prerequisites so students don’t jump ahead before they’re ready

Naturally, they love more than just the above, but these are just some of the things I hear clients talk about after using LearnDash themselves.

How Do I Feel About LearnDash?

Personally, I love this plugin. It’s easy to set up and use. One of my favorite things is all the integrations and extensions available. LearnDash plays well with others and that alone makes it well worth the price. For instance, if you love using WooCommerce for selling things, LearnDash integrates with it. Integrate with popular forum tools, payment gateways and membership plugins. Plus, the community is always creating new extensions to make LearnDash even better.

Is LearnDash the right tool for your course?  I’m ready to be your guide and make sure you’re using the right tools for your online course.

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