I am an entrepreneur. There – I said it. For the longest time, I struggled to even say the “E” word. To be honest, I never imagined what would happen when I finally did muster up the courage to do so.

After asking all of you to trust me, I thought it was time for me to start sharing some more about myself. I know you’re just as scared as I was, but I’m here to tell you from experience that you can do it. Here’s my own story to prove it.

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My Struggle With The Big “E”

Yes, I thought of it as a letter. Why? I didn’t want to actually tell anyone that I would even consider myself to be an entrepreneur. To say it out loud or even write it down seemed like a commitment I wasn’t ready for yet. It’d be like announcing, “I want to marry you” on the very first date.

I have a great job. To be honest, I never thought of myself as a risk taker. And when I did take risks, they were well thought out guaranteed-to-work calculated risks. I guess they weren’t really risky at all.  The moment I caught myself thinking about the big “E”, I had all these doubts, such as:

  • Who am I to create a business?
  • Why wasn’t my current job enough?
  • What would my co-workers think when (not if!) they found out?
  • What if I don’t have the right skills?
  • How much time is this going to take away from my kids and hubby?

I felt anxious and even guilty for even thinking about it. Yet, the more I talked to other entrepreneurs, the more intrigued I became. 

Fear Of The “F” Word

I knew that officially calling myself an entrepreneur also meant I had a new worry – fear of failure. As long as I kept things small with just a few clients, it was just a hobby. The moment I told myself and others that “I am an entrepreneur,” the fear was crippling. 

It took a lot of time and internal work to move forward. At first, I just had a few clients, some of which I offered my services to for free. Then I made the choice to go for it. After all, what did I really have to lose?  A little time + money.  I didn’t need anyone’s permission to move forward. I didn’t have to hide what I wanted. I updated my Facebook page profile to entrepreneur and THAT was a mental turning point.  

The Turning Point

I gave myself permission to be an entrepreneur. At that point, I started to look at my work differently and see the true value I could offer to my clients. I became choosier about my projects and challenged myself. I was finally able to choose projects that helped make a difference in other peoples’ lives and businesses.

I also decided to invest in myself. I had so much to learn about being an entrepreneur. I spend thousands learning about sales and marketing, business and technology strategy, and attend conferences as much as my schedule will allow. And when the opportunity presents itself, I jump at the chance to work with mentors and leaders in the industry. I refused to let my doubts hold me back.

My confidence finally outweighed my fears.

My confidence finally outweighed my fears. With that came even more progress. I learned how to better prioritize to get that coveted work/home balance in life. I even started outsourcing some work so I could focus on activities that would help me grow my business and better serve my clients.

I changed my mindset and gave myself permission to raise my fees to what I deserved for my services. I found the right tools, set big scary goals and created strategies for achieving success as an entrepreneur.

Instead of hiding behind my fear of the big “E,” I changed how I thought about myself, my goals and my future. I’m proud to own the risks that I take and the goals that I set.  Letting go of my fear of failing finally gave me the freedom to create this incredible business.

Letting go of my fear of failing finally gave me the freedom to create this incredible business.

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Inspiration From Others

To be honest, I never dreamed of being an entrepreneur. I like my job and have worked with some really awesome people (you know who you are!). Not to mention that being a major league introvert meant I even started my online business under a different name. 

However, I had a few role models that helped me along the way. I couldn’t have done this alone and their support, along with that of my family and clients has helped me become who I am today.

Many years ago I met a fellow introvert on a social fitness platform named Kiki Smith. She’s the founder of Eat More 2 Weigh Less, a company helping women ditch the dieting trap. Her courage to step out from behind her ‘rock’ gave me courage that I could do the same thing.  Then Lauren Pawell, the founder of Bixa Media, a company that helps entrepreneurs with all things marketing, inspired me with how selfless she was with her clients and others.  She was also the source of my first paying clients (thank you lady!).

I guess what I’m trying to say is it doesn’t matter what you’re doing now or how scared you might be of taking risks. I am an entrepreneur and you can be too if you want to be.

If you’re thinking about taking the same leap I did, remember my own personal motto – feel the fear and do it anyway. You already know the worst that can happen, so shoot for the best instead. 

I look forward to sharing more of my stories with you.  If you’d like to grab a cup of {virtual} coffee and chat about your story, you can do that right here.  

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