Every expert will give you a different answer on this one, but the one thing they all agree on is to start marketing your online courseĀ before you launch it.

Early marketing means more students when you launch. Take a look at the pros and cons of different time periods to decide what’s right for you.

Before You Create Your Course

You can start marketing via email, social media posts, blog posts and more before you even start on building a course. All you need is an idea. Many online course creators use this method to see if there’s interest and to better gauge what students want from the course.

After You Have An Outline

Early course marketers often prefer to at least have an outline before they start marketing. After all, it’s easier to market something when you have more than a vague idea. Plus, it’s easier for potential students to see exactly what they’ll be learning. Just be careful because the competition might get some ideas from your outline. So be ready to start building as soon as you start marketing.

During The Building Phase

This is the optimal time to start marketing your online course. It’s already in progress, so you likely have a timeline in place. Students love to know when a course will launch. Plus, you can give away a free lesson to see what students think. Based on feedback, you’re able to fine-tune your course for your students’ needs.

A Month Before Launch

At this point, the course is almost finished or it may even be complete. If you haven’t started marketing, do so now! A month isn’t that long to wait, so you won’t have to worry about anyone forgetting about your course. Ideally, if you started marketing earlier, you have an email list to remind everyone about your launch date.

For even more sign-ups, offer an early bird discount for those who purchase the course before the launch date. It’s a popular marketing tactic that works.

A Week Before Launch

Now’s your last chance. Marketing your online course at this point is still highly effective and it works well for those who dedicate the week to social media and creating some last minute blog post marketing. If you already have an email list, you can wait until this point to let everyone know about your newest course. This time period is best for those who already have a following on social media and an email list.

Not sure what’s best for you or if your course is even ready for online students? Find answers to those questions and more by working with me.

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