You want to share your talent or expertise via an online course or membership.


When it comes to implementing new technology, there is a HUGE dread factor.

You are new to online memberships and courses and have no idea where or what to start with.

Analysis-paralysis sets in HARD when it comes down to choosing which technology will power your membership/course.

You want to do it yourself but feel like you’re totally out of your element.

You lose countless hours attempting to implement + integrate your tools, only to realize they weren’t ideal for your business.

Ever wish you had an expert sitting next to you to help you figure out what to do?

Relax…..I’ve got you covered.

After 20something years working with web technology, I ventured beyond the corporate firewall as an online personal trainer + nutrition coach.

I discovered a new found love of teaching + the behind-the-scenes tech was like love at first {digi} sight. Right then and there my passion for entrepreneurial tools was ignited and helping bright entrepreneurs like you tame their tech became my mission.

Here’s how I can help you.

Membership Technology Strategy Session

Skip the frustration + many hours lost searching for the ‘best’ technology for your membership or course. Schedule a strategy session!

Your Membership or Course Done-For-You

Let me worry about the tech stuff! I will build your membership or course so you can check it off your to-do list.  Sign up for a free consultation. Schedule a Free Consultation


The Official Third-Person {Oh-So-Awkward} Bio

Tricia Stephens-Adams helps coaches, consultants and trainers with their online memberships and courses so they better leverage their knowledge and have more time, money and freedom. She offers DIY programs, strategy sessions and done-for-you services.

She’s passionate about helping people escape the time for money trap and have more time for what matters most – their families. For example, that time she helped a math coach build an online course and membership that grew into a multi-six figure business in less than 2 years and reduced her live training by more than 50%.

As an online course and membership strategist, she will help you create your course or membership as well as understand your metrics so you can grow your business.

Tricia has been featured on No Bull Business School, The 5-9er and as a guest expert in Teach What You Do. A mom herself, Tricia hails from New Jersey and is thankful for the opportunity to have an impact in other families’ lives.

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