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As an education consultant, you already know that your knowledge and expertise has a direct impact on the future success of teachers across all levels of education as well as their students. Yet, while no one doubts this importance, the educational system often treats you as nothing more than a cog in a wheel.

Further, as I work with clients in your field of work, I am noticing a recurring theme often mentioned and once referred to as “the grind.” And that is too much time spent in airports away from friends and families.  To make matters worse, you visit many fascinating cities but are gone before you have a chance to really enjoy them.

The time spent on “administrative duties” is another factor. You book your own flights and hotels, you go back and forth with people in emails, and have to juggle not just your schedule but everyone else’s as well.

I’ve also heard a growing concern about what happens following your days of training. How much of the material covered is actually absorbed in a 1 or 2 day workshop?  Are teachers using the techniques you shared during training effectively in their classrooms?  What are their struggles and would you be able to support them better with more follow up?  

Fortunately, the technology exists that allows all types of Educational Program Consultants to join the You Economy. If you have not heard this term before, the You Economy is a phrase coined to describe professionals who are taking their careers and future into their own hands. They are utilizing technology to work from home, earn more income, and reach for more learners than ever before. Specifically, it is easier than ever before to begin conducting your training online. Believe it or not, it is much simpler and more affordable than you may think.

Below are seven reasons Education Consultants should teach online.

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Reason 1: Reduce or Eliminate Travel for Work

As I’ve already mentioned, there are numerous challenges to traveling for work from time away from your family to the logistical headaches of getting everything scheduled.  Setting up online training and coaching limits your trips to the airport for business and allows you more time with your family. An extra bonus – while some of your expenses may be covered by the entity that invited you, by saving so many expenses previously allocated to travel, expenses can now be used to pay for more family vacation time as well.


Reason 2: Devote More Follow-Up Time with Teachers

No longer must you limit your interaction with teachers to workshops and occasional follow up visits. With these classes now online, you can establish monitoring protocols which you implement across the Internet. You will also be equipped to devote the time needed to focus on one topic at an interval you choose (i.e. one topic per week).

For example, if you ‘dripped’ (a term which refers to the frequency with which you share your content) your content over several weeks, you could schedule coaching calls one day each week to address any questions or further expand on the topic.  If you connect over video with a service like Zoom, all the better!  Being able to see the faces of your learners and them see you and each other can help with relationship building.  

Another example would be using an on-site forum.  You could dedicate sub-forums to specific topics of your course where teachers can share thoughts with you and their peers.  The bottom line is that you are in the driver’s seat and have many options for extending your teaching.

Likewise, this instant access to teachers who provide feedback on your training is invaluable.  Not only will you be able to support them in their attempts to implement your strategies, but this immediate insight can also help you to see what you are teaching well and areas where you can improve. This is much more efficient than the typical feedback forms that attendees fill out after a workshop or presentation.

Reason 3: Dramatically Increase Your Reach

Even the most successful Education Consultants are limited to a small to medium group of teachers they can train at once. These groups are restricted to specific schedules in specific cities in addition. By offering your training online, you can reach nearly an unlimited number of learners, and you can teach all across the country and abroad at the same time.  No more limitations due to distance.


Reason 4: Present Course Material at Your Own Pace

When you are invited to present or teach at a destination, how much you teach is directly limited by how much time you’re on site.   In addition, you also need to limit your content so that you don’t overwhelm your audience with too much information. 

As mentioned above, by presenting your material online, you are no longer at the mercy of extenuating circumstances. You can set the pace at which the material is shared and do not have to leave out important information. You are the captain of your environment and can spread the teaching you cram into a day or two for several weeks or months if you so desire.

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Reason 5: Access to an Already Motivated and Existing Audience

As you know, some states require that the teachers you train fulfill continuing education credits often. By allowing them to satisfy these requirements with little effort (and perhaps in their own homes), there already exists a huge number of potential trainees that will be eager to choose you as their instructor.

Putting continuing education requirements aside, teachers ultimately want to be better teachers.  Teachers will be allowed to focus on what they desire most of all by taking much of the drudgery out of this process. And you will be the one to equip them with this ability.


Reason 6: Positions You As an Educational Authority and Pioneer

You may already be one of the few who is a well established authority in your field.  Teaching online will also establish you as a pioneer in the education industry.  

By offering your education training online, your training platform will place you in front of many new eyes, setting you on a path to reinforce your position.

While you may have previously been forced to wear several hats, the more specialized you are, the more of an authority you will become. You will be able to keep up on emerging technologies and current trends in your area of expertise.


Reason 7: Increase Your Revenue Potential 

Finally, while you may have gotten comfortable with getting paid flat day rates, by conducting online training the revenue you generate can be substantially more than what you are paid for in-person training.  This is directly tied to the increased reach of an online course.  Imagine 100, 200 and more teachers taking your course online compared to 30-40 attending an in-person workshop.

Additionally, to increase your income you may think that you need to work more hours or lead more training sessions.  Training online allows you to escape the “time for money trap”.  For many online consultants, this allows them to make substantially more income in the same or less time.

Training online is an investment

BONUS Reason: Your Online Training Platform is an Investment

Your online training platform is an investment that can generate revenue for you over and over again.  You may teach online with a live element where you interact with learners during the course.  Overtime you might allow learners to enroll independently in a self-study fashion.  Either way, once your platform is in place you will be able to offer and sell your courses countless times to countless people. 

It’s not unheard of to generate tens to more than a hundred thousand dollars (and more!) in a single year selling just one course.  With your platform you can scale up your earnings with additional courses, additional services or by selling products.

As you can see from the reasons listed above, teaching online has many benefits for you, your family as well as your learners.  The choice is yours. 

Ready to ditch the travel and take your offline training online?  I can help.

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